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Bristol-based Graphic designer

Amy Morag

Poster and Editorial Design            Product Design            Motion Graphics

Recent Work:

City ID

I spent 4 months working on a range of way-finding projects at City ID. The experience I gained was extremely valuable, I learned new skills and practices, how to work in a studio and collaborate productively.

Artificial Sun

Publication containing a series of images of the sun, created using and Artificial intellegance app. The publication is paired with 4 digitally embroidered, circular patches.

This project was featured in the campaign for the UWE Graphic Design Degree Show. 

We Design for the Community 

In July this year I took part in the We Design for the Community Internship in London. 

Social Media graphics created for the London charity ‘Latin American House’ 

“While this new visual identity can be appealing to a broader audience, for the colour palette, Amy took inspiration from the latin American environment and homes, in order to create a welcoming atmosphere.” 


Poster made for the documentary by Jecca Coleman.

“A short documentary that follows Alfredo as he reminisces on life, and his love for his home town of Bormio in the Italian Alps.”

Light Festival

Set of 5 beer can designs inspired by exhibition pieces from the 2020 Bristol Light festival.

Film Posters

Poster created for Film Student Grace Alexander, her documentary ‘Wasted’ follows student Jesse Lapworth as he tries to live zero waste for 2 weeks.

Also, Poster made for Grace Alexander’s experimental film ‘Artificial Nostalgia’. I used stills from her film, and a melting effect to capture the film's themes.

Grace was clear with what she wanted and I worked closely with her, making sure the posters matched the films tone. We were both very happy with the result.

St. Anthonys Lighthouse

A publication about St. Anthonys lighthouse in Falmouth. The publication looks at every detail of the Lighthouse including architecture, history, and its modern use.

I visited the lighthouse in person and I enjoyed printing and binding this project completely by hand.


I was contacted by The Womxns Disco Collective to make a poster for the event Misscoteque that was hosted for women and non-binary people in Bristol. I wanted to make something that looked modern, and also in a bright colour scheme that reflected the vibrancy of the target audience.

Later I was then contacted to make another poster, in a similar theme for the second Misscoteque event.

Eat Less Meat

This briefs official title was “Engage/ Enrage” and was tasked to us in order to think about how to create real impact with poster design. I wanted to push the idea of eating less meat as opposed to a full on vegetarian or vegan lifestyle because I think it is a more attainable global goal.

A Quick Guide to Mushrooms

This book all about mushrooms was my final second year project. The book is hand printed and bound, and thouraghly researches all about mushrooms, including species, recipes, and modern uses of fungi.

Do Not Go Gentle  

A poetry book printed on folex transparent paper, with white screen printed sections. The poem repeats the name of the poem throughout, the highlighted sections, as well as the interperative text layout represents the rhythmic flow of the poem.

Millbrook Juice

Apple juice logo for Doug Alexander featuring an illustration of the family home where the juice is made, as well as the family cat. I used a classic, almost vintage looking typeface that was still modern and


A music/ lyric video for the 90’s hip hop song “None of your business” by Salt n Pepa.

The type is a combination of over 10 different fonts, and the background imagery is of female rights protests from the 90’s to the present day.

A video interview with Fashion Photographer and Lecturer Dean Davies. The footage is primarily recorded over video calls and edited in a collage, montage style. 

We will never forgive you

This collaborative project is an animated sequence of a speech given by Greta Thunberg, combined with our personal response. 

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.