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Bristol-based Graphic designer

Amy Morag

Poster Design            Editorial            Product Design            Motion Graphics

Poster Design 


Poster created for Film Student Grace Alexander, her documentary ‘Wasted’ follows student Jesse Lapworth as he tries to live zero waste for 2 weeks.

Grace was clear with what she wanted and I worked closely with her, making sure the poster matched the films tone. We were both very happy with the result.

Artificial Nostalgia

Poster made for Grace Alexander’s experimental film ‘Artificial Nostalgia’. I used stills from her film, and a melting effect to capture the film's themes.


I was contacted by The Womxns Disco Collective to make a poster for the event Misscoteque that was hosted for women and non-binary people in Bristol. I wanted to make something that looked modern, and also in a bright colour scheme that reflected the vibrancy of the target audience.

Later I was then contacted to make another poster, in a similar theme for the second Misscoteque event.

Earth Day

I created this poster in a 1 day In-Design workshop. The project had very strict restrictions, including 6 font sizes and 4 font families to choose from. I am really happy with the outcome, and how it would theoretically look if used as a campaign.

Eat Less Meat

This briefs official title was “Engage/ Enrage” and was tasked to us in order to think about how to create real impact with poster design. I wanted to push the idea of eating less meat as opposed to a full on vegetarian or vegan lifestyle because I think it is a more attainable global goal.


This personal project was my way of turning old family photos into modern pieces of work, in my own way restoring them to relevance. The imagery is taken from photo albums found in my Grandpa’s house. He had taken these on a variety of holidays with his best friend Ken, and his future wife Joan.

Repair Declaration 

After listening to a talk about the importance of repairing we created our own manifesto on what we had learnt. We took pictures around Bristol of repairs, both good and bad. We also scanned in the tools used to fix them and layered everything together.

Then we layered over our statements and finished by creating a print.

Oversized Poster 

We were tasked to create an ‘oversized’ poster based on our subject (Mine being Light). I used the imagery I had been creating that week and placed the poem over the top. I used the highlighted word and a black background to create contrast. I printed this poster A2.


St. Anthonys Lighthouse 

A publication about St. Anthonys lighthouse in Falmouth. The publication looks at every detail of the Lighthouse including architecture, history, and its modern use.

I visited the lighthouse in person and I enjoyed printing and binding this project completely by hand.

A Quick Guide to Mushrooms

This book all about mushrooms was my final second year project. The book is hand printed and bound, and thouraghly researches all about mushrooms, including species, recipes, and modern uses of fungi.

How are you feeling?

A zine about mental health, showing images from a CT scan of my own brain, that become deeper into my brain as the mental health questions become more personal and impactful.

Artificial Sun

Publication containing a series of images of the sun, created using and Artificial intellegance app. The publication is paired with 4 digitally embroidered, circular patches.

Sun/ Pollution

An informative publication about the effects that air pollution has on the sun. Including how it changes the colours of the sunset and rise, and how damaging it can be on the environment.

Do Not Go Gentle  

A poetry book printed on folex transparent paper, with white screen printed sections. The poem repeats the name of the poem throughout, the highlighted sections, as well as the interperative text layout represents the rhythmic flow of the poem.

Ways of Seeing

A publication based on the 1972 TV series and book by John Berger. Starting with simple prompts I went out of my comfort zone to think about what I immediately associated with each one. 


An 8-page zine that looks at a simple object, a lighter, and completely de-constructs it.

The writing explains how different types of lighters work and the different parts. The zine is Risographed in Orange and Black to create a simplified, separated feel.

Watching the Sunset

A narrative piece, describing how I sat in a field near my house, and watched the sun set over the course of a few hours. The text is personal and simply describes my thought process through the experience. The page colour changes as the sun sets.

Some Memories Are Stronger Than Others

Experimental photographic zine with a pull-out interview section.

This project was made in a day, the images were created using a photocopier and old family photos. The interview pull-out is a discussion I had with my parents about what we remember from the day the photos
were taken. 

Product Design

Gin Brief

Gin Bottle design for the Black Penguin Gin annual competition.

The experience of entering the competition was really educational, and whilst they were excited by my use of illustration, pattern and texture I was told to try improving my use of type- which I then acted on.

Light Festival 

Set of 5 beer can designs inspired by exhibition pieces from the 2020 Bristol Light festival.

Millbrook Juice

Apple juice logo for Doug Alexander featuring an illustration of the family home where the juice is made, as well as the family cat. I used a classic, almost vintage looking typeface that was still modern and


Motion Graphics

A music/ lyric video for the 90’s hip hop song “None of your business” by Salt n Pepa.

The type is a combination of over 10 different fonts, and the background imagery is of female rights protests from the 90’s to the present day.

A video interview with Fashion Photographer and Lecturer Dean Davies. The footage is primarily recorded over video calls and edited in a collage, montage style. 

We will never forgive you

This collaborative project is an animated sequence of a speech given by Greta Thunberg, combined with our personal response. 

Chill Out

A low-fi video response using footage from various nights out. I was inspired by the sound scape given to me by CJ Rawlings.  

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.